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As a child you are told there are no such thing as ghosts and monsters. You are taught that everything that exists is right in front of your eyes for you to see. You believe in this until one day something happens and your entire belief system of the world around you is shaken to it's core.....this is our story.....the creation of South Carolina Ghost.



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We would like to thank all of our loyal supporters who have visited our website over the last year and have made it such a success! We would like to thank you for your continued support and patience as we go through this period of transition and growth. Hopefully we will have our new website up in blog form really soon! if you need to contact us for any reason, please send us an email at

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South Carolina Ghost Comes Home!!!

After several years of our founders being located on separate sides of the country, South Carolina Ghost will soon be in full time operation in the Upstate area. This means more investigations, travel to new locations, and frequent updates to the website. We are so excited to finally be able to realize the dream of being able to pursue our love for the paranormal on a more regular and frequent basis. Stay tuned as the Summer of 2013 gets underway.

So glad to be HOME!!!!

Taken 3/14/2013 Camden, South Carolina

Green Dragoon on the Camden Battlefields!!!! Knowing that we were in a British fortified area of fighting, we were looking for some evidence of British soldiers and we found him in what appears to be one of  Lieutenant Colonel Tarleton's Green Dragoons..... a group of mounted infantrymen chosen by Tarleton who rode on horseback into battle and dismounted to fight. This image was captured deep in the woodlands in the area where British and Revolutionary War soldiers fought one of the bloodiest battles in the Carolinas. The feathered hat, white collar, green jacket, and black boots are all visible in the photo.

Taken on 3/14/2013 in Camden, South Carolina.

It takes a lot to creep me out. In the past week I have been touched on the shoulder in a cemetery and have audibly heard sounds during an investigation.....all which I got over pretty quickly. But this photo is pretty high up there in the creepiness scale. While down in a low ravine in the Camden National Battlefield site, this photo was captured on the path behind us as we were walking up the hill. We had been feeling like there was something following behind us and several times we heard crunching leaves and sticks. Never in my life have I been to a place where the term "Deafening Silence" was so appropriate. No wind, no birds, no movement at all..... until we heard what sounded like scuffling behind us along the path. Captured in this photo is what appears to be a woodman of some sorts. Black hood, long face, bulbous nose, and piercing eyes peering out from behind a tree at us. Very odd!

Taken on 1/27/2013 at a Spartanburg, South Carolina Baptist church. Neither of these figures was visible to the naked eye but the photo has captured a figure at the cross walk and one going down the stairs. There was nobody on the streets at the time this photo was taken.

Taken at anUpstate South Carolina office building in the lobby on 1/24/2013. Captured is what appears to be two young female figures.

It is amazing how many times you go to an investigation and you turn around and snap a picture of your own car and there is someone sitting in there hitching a ride. Check out the lady in the back seat! Taken at a cemetery near Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Taken at a private Spartanburg, South Carolina residence. Shots taken just before this were crystal clear and then in this frame the image of an older woman and what appear to be several children come into view. Note the buttons on the woman's dress and the puffy sleeves.

Photo taken 1/21/2013 at an Upstate South Carolina business office. There was nobody in the lobby when this photo was taken. What is captured appears to be two females dressed in white next to the receptionist's desk. You can see arms, torsos, and heads on both of the figures.

Taken 1/21/2013 at a church in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This is a church we have photographed several times before and we have always gotten some interesting photos around the front of this building. Photo captures what appears to be a male figure on the left side of the building.

Taken in a family room at a Spartanburg, South Carolina residence on 1/22/2013. Behind the photographer is the image of a male reflecting in the window. There was nobody inside or outside of the building other than the photographer at that time. This is not the photographer's reflection or shadow as they were visible in another part of the photo.

This photo was taken on 1/22/2012 at a Spartanburg, South Carolina business office. The employee was working on a project at the desk when the photographer captured a strange entity to the right of the employee's elbow. There was nothing in front , to the side , or behind the employee to make this image. This same entity was later captured moving around the desk and the employee in various positions and then it disappered completely.

Wow!! Two Shadow Figures taken at an Upstate Cemetery. Both of them appear to be facing Mike with a hand on their hip. No other people in the cemetery that night....just Mike.

Small shadow person to the left of the headstone in the photo on the left. The photo on the right has what appears to be a large grouping of 4-5 shadow people standing side by side around the stone....almost as if they were trying to block Mike's path.

Taken 7/8/2012 at an Upstate cemetery. Shadow man peaking around a headstone. The cemetery was empty. Just Mike and his camera were there!!!

Two shadow figures taken at the same location in a cemetery less than a week apart. 7/4/2012 and 7/9/2012. The second photo shows a very large shadow figure that approached Mike as he was walking up to the headstones.


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